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Save the Marginalized (STM) founded in 2007 is a Non-profit Organization Registration no. NB.CD/2499 operating in rural villages of Kampala, Kamuli and Mbale in Uganda.

Vision: STM envision a society free of oppression, suppression, poverty and HIV AIDS.


  • To bring equality and realized the dreams of the marginalized; women, children and people with special needs
  • Enable the marginalized to realize and claim their rights and reduce inequality through economic empowerment.

The ways of funding the organisation:

  • The organisation is looking forward to seeing that the community works hand in hand with us to fund-raise in order to run to rescue of the marginalize people and the innocent children who are suffering because of HIV and those with disabilities .
  • The organisation is also calling upon members who are willing to support it and volunteers with the spirit of helping. And the support depends on you. .it can either be material or financial.
  • The organisation also aims at working with other organisations doing the same work and those interested in the objectives of these organization and others this will help us fund-raise.
  • The government is also another institution we are targeting to help in achieving our goals at the same time helping it to achieve its millennium goals since the high the health environment with the high the potential to produce food hence fighting poverty and leading to socio-economic development.

You can transform a life by simply sharing what you have. Support our work today to make a difference!. See how

Save the Marginalized (Uganda) was established in 2007 by a group of local youth, and since then is dedicated to provide community development service in Eastern Uganda to achieve a society free of oppression, inequality and poverty. STM aim to bring service to disadvantage groups such as orphans, children, youths, handicaps, elderly and HIV patients; through different projects to provide safe water, nutrition food, access to education, money generating training, HIV/ AIDS education, etc.


Volunteers and interns will gain hands on experience in the area of community development and medical services in the Ugandan rural villages, and understand the Ugandan culture through living among and working closely with the local communities. Volunteers/ Interns will work 32 hours a week. Academic credit can be given if participants are enrolled in bachelor/ master studies during the volunteer/ internship program.


Program Duration: the program duration varies from 2 months to a year, depending on applicants’ preference and position availability.


Application Deadline: Rolling admission. Applications are reviewed upon receipt and reply will be given within a month. 



Save The Marginalized
P.O. Box 126 Kamuli, Uganda
Tel: +256 782 031 573
Tel: +256 782 763 935


Project Director: Paul Bamu